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Greater Phoenix Leadership Statement on Actions of Arizona's Republican Party

The behaviors, actions and messages of Arizona’s Republican Party under the leadership of Kelli Ward remain disgraceful and disappointing. Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake and Governor Doug Ducey are principled and dedicated leaders with long track records of service on important issues and policy matters facing our state and many beyond its borders. While everyone might not agree with all of their positions over the tenure of their service, no one can question their earnest desire to speak the truth and honestly debate issues. To censure public officials for sharing their views on public issues is counterproductive and wrong.

Arizonans involved with political parties require party leaders not rooted in promoting false information, unsupported conspiracy theories and personal attacks as their primary political tactics. Today's actions by a small group of activists of the Arizona Republican Party will only serve to embarrass the state and tarnish the Arizona brand.

Greater Phoenix Leadership and its members will support those elected leaders who are willing to engage in civil debate about what’s in the best interest of Arizona, and will not support those who are intent on advancing personal agendas and vendettas at any cost.