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Greater Phoenix Leadership Opposes Statewide Ballot Initiatives

PHOENIX, AZ, October 4, 2018 – Greater Phoenix Leadership’s (GPL) board of directors voted to oppose Proposition 126, the “Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act” and Proposition 127, known as “Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona.” GPL’s board had previously voted to oppose Proposition 305, “Expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts.” In opposing these three measures, GPL recommends a no vote on these statewide initiatives on the 2018 ballot.

Proposition 126 is a ballot initiative that would prevent local and state governments from levying a tax on any services in Arizona. In signaling their opposition to the proposition, the board expressed concern for the significant step of a constitutional amendment to ban taxation of services when Arizona lawmakers have not attempted to tax services in the first place.

Proposition 127 would amend the Arizona constitution to mandate that non-governmental utilities obtain 50 percent of the power they deliver from renewable sources by 2030. The mandate states that the law shall take effect “irrespective of costs to consumers,” significantly raising heating and air conditioning costs for schools, low-income households and damaging small businesses.

In a prior statement, GPL opposed Proposition 305, that if passed would enable private school tuition to be funded with public taxpayer money. GPL stood firmly against the expansion of vouchers in the 2017 legislative session and believes that we must expand resources for traditional public education to all Arizonan’s before we expand the voucher system.

GPL members have worked to develop and support the Arizona Progress Meter which incorporates strict accountability, goals and measures for public schools. Currently, public schools must meet a level of transparency and accountability and have a consistent set of rules as they are funded by taxpayer dollars.Private schools are not required to meet those same standards.


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