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Greater Phoenix Leadership Opposes Ballot Initiatives

GPL Opposes Propositions 105 and 106

PHOENIX, AZ, August 6, 2019 – Greater Phoenix Leadership’s (GPL) Board of Directors voted recently to adopt a formal position of opposition against Proposition 105, “Building a Better Phoenix,” and Proposition 106, the “Responsible Budget Act,” which will be on the ballot during the August 27th City of Phoenix Special Election.

Proposition 105 would amend the City’s charter to include a permanent prohibition on City support of rail expansion, halting the extension of the 5.5 miles of planned light rail in South Phoenix previously approved by Phoenix voters on three separate occasions.  Should this ill-informed initiative pass, the city of Phoenix will forfeit significant federal funding in excess of $100 million intended to improve transportation options for Phoenix residents and visitors. With a daily ridership of over 50,000, the light rail has proven to be a powerful regional tool in connecting the Phoenix region’s key economic assets.

Proposition 106 would also amend the City’s charter to impose caps and requirements related to the funding of the City’s pension liabilities, while failing to address the long-term funding shortfall associated with the public retirement system itself. The passage of this initiative would result in a dramatic decrease in funds allocated for key City services, and threatens to stifle the region’s booming economic growth and increased prosperity for Phoenix residents and businesses alike.

GPL’s membership remains focused on and committed to supporting thoughtful and necessary investments in public infrastructure, including the extension of this critically important light rail project, as well as other key services such as public safety and economic development.


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