Greater Phoenix Leadership is a results-driven organization. GPL members come together around important issues in Arizona, whether education or championing pro-business policies, with the goals of affecting positive change and leaving Arizona a better place for future generations. More recent achievements have been the creation of Global Pathways Institute and Expect More Arizona, and the successful passage of Proposition 123, which brought much-needed funding for Arizona’s public schools.


  • In partnership with other organizations, GPL championed the extension of the Maricopa County half-cent sales tax in 2004 to fund freeway and regional transportation needs for the next 20 years.
  • Along with other organizations, in 2006 GPL championed the creation of the Angel Investment Tax Credit to expand investment in the technology business market in Arizona.
  • In cooperation with Senator John McCain and Governor Janet Napolitano, in 2006-7 led the Military Facility’s Task Force to ensure that Arizona’s military bases remained in the state.
  • Leader in founding and funding the Global Pathways Institute located at ASU SkySong.
Business Development in Phoenix


K-12 and Higher Education Development in Phoenix
  • Leader and a major funder of Proposition 301 to finance and improve K-12, higher education and research in Arizona in 2000.
  • Developed the plan for an integrated P-20 education model and a Governors P-20 council.
  • Led the business efforts to pass new laws to master 3rd grade reading before moving on to 4th grade.
  • Worked with partners to restore funding to Career Technical Education (CTE) and Joint Technical Education Districts (JTED) in Arizona in 2016.


  • Supported the creation of Valley Leadership to prepare a new generation of leaders.
  • Created and funded Science Foundation Arizona, a statewide nonprofit corporation established to merge public, private and philanthropic funding to advance biosciences and engineering.
  • GPL members sit on key boards, including Teach for America, Expect More Arizona, Global Pathways Institute, First Things First and several others.
  • Helped found the Corporate Philanthropy Awards program for the region in 2016.
Developing a new generation of leaders in the Greater Phoenix Area

Public Policy

Shaping the future of Phoenix through Public Policy
  • Assisted in the establishment of Arizona Business and Education Coalition (ABEC).
  • Led the effort to defeat anti-immigration and anti-LGBT bills in the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives that would have harmed Arizona’s reputation and economy.
  • Along with Gov. Doug Ducey, led the effort to fund and pass Prop. 123, adding $3.5 billion toward education.
  • Works with current and future lawmakers of the Arizona House of Representatives and Senate, ensuring that lawmakers have an understanding of GPL priorities.