P-20 – An Approach to Integrated Learning

Finding the Common Ground

Finding and agreeing upon the common ground and common goals that Arizona stakeholders will rally around is essential.  Bridges of communication, cooperating and an attitude of “good will for a common purpose” are critical at this time in Arizona’s history, in order for real and substantial progress to occur. 

In recent years, there have been many significant efforts to improve our institutions of learning and address some root causes of student failure.  There have been task force reports, blue ribbon committees, grass-root efforts at places of learning, but the effort remains disjointed, with diffused authority and lack of total commitment to a common goal that speaks with a clear articulated plan for education.

K-12 education must be linked seamlessly with preschool and post-secondary education.  These linkages between the stages of educational development must be better defined and smoothed out for the learner.

P-20 offers an approach to achieving such an integrated learning system.