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GPL regrets to announce, original Phoenix 40 Member, and former Phoenix Mayor, Sam Mardian Jr. has passed away.



P-20:  Educating Arizona

A concept of stewardship for Arizona’s most precious resource:  the human potential of its people.

"Roads, freeways and mass transit are critical to ensuring a strong and vibrant regional economy.  With our partners, GPL remains committed to accelerating a regional transportation plan that will help secure sustainable economic growth for our communities."

J. Doug Pruitt 
Sundt Construction, Inc.

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Greater Phoenix Leadership

Thirty plus years ago, three Phoenix business leaders called together the region’s top business and civic leaders to address major problems facing the community.  The invitation read in part “the immediate future of Phoenix may depend upon the response of business leadership to the challenge.”  All forty individuals invited to the meeting attended.

Today, Greater Phoenix Leadership (GPL) members collectively represent 105 top companies and over 250,000 employees.  Members work together to move forward initiatives, public policy and projects that will strengthen the future of Arizona.  They believe it is their responsibility to help do so.

GPL recognizes that community involvement garners its best result when done collaboratively.  Through engagement and results-producing relationships with philanthropic organizations, government and educators, GPL members are committed to making the greater Phoenix region and the State of Arizona the place where citizens want to live, work, raise a family and earn a quality education.